Money does not make unhappy.

Humans do.


  Susanne Fritz, 2014

     Much experienced and never arrived. Maybe that's it. For the threatening dynamic that has led me to impact one, it needs curiosity for life, a strong will and plenty of gallows humor. Actualley my path could have been pretty different (which is why I developed Crosslearning). If my parents had known better then I would have become a passionate racing driver as a small 5-year-old girl and stayed that way, later I would have become an engineer, I would have specialized in bridge construction, and I would have absolutely become a researcher and social entrepreneur. It became clear to me quite timely, I was early 40th. A suboptimal age for the beginning of a racing career. It followed the search for my professional orbit, if it existed. After years in the labyrinth of life with a significant climax in 2016, I decided to work as intensively as possible for my visions. There is nothing else to lose.

   Everything started out quite unspectacularly.

Susanne Fritz, est. 1966 in Goslar, finished high school in 1986, afterwards a Three-ponged Health Insureance Training, followed by a teaching-study at the universary of Gießen that I soon canceled disillusioned but relieved. Since 1991 I have been accompanying SMEs and professional start-ups in company expansion and the development and implementation of strategies. I am a commercial generalist, with great pleasure in technology and a meditative passion for controlling and law. And with a deep admiration for people who are true ~

      Today I am a freelance management consultant and project developer, so far I have worked for well over 100 companies of all kinds. From gray to dazzling, for known and unknown companies, for very small companies and quite large players. Always together with the management, always close to the hot core with insight into the control center. I have lived, loved and worked in Goslar, Gießen, Cologne and Hamburg, professionally I have been in Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Paris, Cannes, London, New York, Monaco, Madrid and elsewhere. There were tempting opportunities that I did not want and those I wanted, but (especially as a woman) did not get. As in real life. I had planned none of this and I had no time or concrete ideas for long-term goals - I lived by chance in the present, mostly on the just-do-it-principle. To my own and big surprise, I have experienced a lot and met a countless number of desires, longings and certainly over 1001 possibilities.

      Looking back, I know that I have always followed intuitively my inner compass. The aim was uncertain, but always on the lookout for what is important to me, this thing that I did not know, but that appealed to me, for I longed for, and that everything I thought and felt in my life made sense. But what I found again and again instead of meaning and truthfulness was profiteering, greed and fraud, almost everywhere. A terrifying insight and explosive development, no matter where I looked, no matter what language. The craving for money, disguised as a matter of course, too often achieved with the most sophisticated and perfidious strategies. Creepy! Working, being productive? With pleasure! But as much as I love to put energy into a project and see it grow and thrive, so less do I like the means, climate and outcome. Money does not make unhappy. It is and remains what we make of it. And we do not do that very well. When I look at the world, I find our species more and more often primitive. The possession of money should not be such a great danger. Whether under the guise of religion or democracy!

      Over the years, I have been increasingly surprised by how we shape our economy in Germany. The ingenuity in fraud is truly impressive. Impressively bad. Economic fraud has already reached its break-even point and has become a habit. That means overexploitation of nature, animals and humans. And the better the technology, the bigger the possibilities, the worse it gets. Didn't I see that before? Intuitively sure, but I was like a bourgeois sleeper - only with increasing experience and decreasing naivety I became aware of the growing extent. My perceived powerlessness against this negative dynamics and this obtrusive and tough sexism (unnecessary as athlete's foot!) made me slowly crumble. Could it be changed? Did it make any sense to fight against it somehow? Whether, how and with what prospect, I did not know. Cruise ship Earth, people wake up, I want to scream, iceberg ahead

      When I got to know crowdfunding in 2013, for the first time I was able to recognize and write down a concept for my long-existing basic idea. MiG (formerly funderbird), the earth mother of my concepts from 2008. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs I was trying to win was, to say the least, cautious. Sustainable sharing not everyone's passion. So the possibility remained nebulous and my irritation - who was crazy, the world or me? - got bigger. My longing for distance and retreat became stronger and at some point the barrel was full. In June 2015, I spontaneously followed my intuition, pulled the personal ripcord and canceled everything in Hamburg within a week. Orders, apartment, sports convertible, hellofresh, everything. I gave away a lot of the stuff and inventory, sold some and kept only a small amount. I somehow set out to be able to switch off my head and heart and lead an inconspicuous, secluded life. But what to do now, how is it lived without content, and where best? Without further ado, I moved to the deepest land, the synonym for idyll. No city noise, no sound trash, a little house by the sea, lots of wind and water, and some good controlling jobs to shut down - that was more than I expected. Rarely I have gained distance so quickly from a beautiful city as in 2015, I had actually found peace and got distance to the people and my many question marks. Balm! But it was only the calm before the storm, as it should hardly turn out a year later. In Schleswig-Holstein in the middle of nowhere, I found involuntarily the biggest corruption of my professional life. Unbelievable. Just to do a good job and lead a quiet life did not seem to be granted to me. For more than 100 companies I had worked directly and for more than 1000 indirectly, of which 99% had cheated, in a smaller and increasingly larger style, sometimes life-threatening. People really, one hardly dares to be honest anymore. How many times did I want to watch all this? There could only be two solutions. Brain surgery, or: Do not let it shape, design yourself. Put all your energy in what you believe in. That was in October 2016. That was the start of Impact One.


     Well then - the ghosts I called. Every day again and every day more, I conceive and publish my visions, it gets even a little clearer and I can still think of more reasons that make these findings so plausible. I see them more and more clearly, a technically but, above all, humanely sophisticated, peaceful, immensely dynamic and exciting society. In my mind, a whole new world opens up. Together with others, I want to build as much as possible of them and maybe even experience something of it myself. I really deserve that.


CSR, Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing, Change Management, Impact Investing,
Sustainable Business, Social Turn Around Management, open innovation,
Transparency, credibility, true intelligence and 7-mile boots


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Susanne Fritz