The Wonder Question

If a miracle happened overnight and the world was tomorrow as I wish, how would it be?


     Highly developed. Not only technically, but human above all. Social competence belongs to the most important and natural skills in my world. War, poverty, sexism and racism are a thing of the past. Each individual can develop freely without harming the community. In our world we are not afraid of feelings. Collective and individual feelings stand high as an indicator in the respect. Feeling means life and is the key to intuition.


      Defining ownership is a meaningless and not desirable way of life and belongs to a past, primitive era. Money or other means of exchange do not exist any longer. Since ownership is not a meaning of life, there is no shortage, and everyone can (but does not want to) have anything and we are no longer thrown back by war, we have been able to unleash our human strengths: Creation, creativity, design, development, and unimaginable, technical progress. In complete harmony with nature, which is our role model. We observe that natural disasters are decreasing and have just begun to understand that this is related to our consciousness. We have begun to consciously think, feel and act collectively, without words.


     In my world, there is no advertising, because we have recognized this illusion as primitive. There is also no copyright, because the mind is free and this freedom is nothing without the inspiration of others.


    People love to be meaningful and productive, to do their jobs, to enjoy their results and to explore their environment and opportunities. People are very well spiritually, mentally and physically. They live according to their needs, each one makes use of all the available creation and production results according to his wishes, no matter if it concerns food, clothing, furniture, hobby equipment, luxury goods or anything else. If somethong is not available, you have to wait, which rarely happens. Many of the routine tasks are done by avatars. What they can not or only partially do, man does himself, but voluntarily. If there are not enough voluntaries, the product does not exist. No crab salad if noone shell prawns. That does not exist in my world anyway, because we breed a lot of food from the retort, especially meat, who likes it. But healthy, nutritious and painless.


      We are not afraid of big inventions because we do not build missiles from nuclear fission, do not use the internet for shitstorms, and do not breed monsters with genetic engineering. Because of our sophisticated, curious and peaceful consciousness, all developments are at the service of humanity and environment. As a result many challenges have naturally resolved themselves, as the population explosion has. The law of the mass does not force us to rethink. There are no territories left, there are regions with flowing borders. We have a world government, Woogle :) This government is rated by every resident every morning. If it cuts badly over several months, the entire government is re-elected.


     Now comes the fantasy part ~
We are ready and able to meet other living beings in other spheres. We realized that this had not been possible before because natural limits prevented that as long we would have lived the destructive Mars force on other planets as well. The key to overcoming these natural limits lay in a higher consciousness. Achieving this was only possible together and never without women.


Since everyone can develop freely, the potential of man and nature unfolds incessantly in creative developments and inventions. We learn to fly inside. Divining





The wonder question was asked to me in 2017, since then it has never left me